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PWS 20

PWS-20 was a Polish, single-engine, high-wing passenger aircraft for 6 passengers, built at the PWS factory in 1929. It was the first Polish passenger plane. The plane was developed for the competition for a passenger plane for LOT Polish Airlines, announced by the Polish Ministry of Communications in 1927. The prototype was built and flew on March 12, 1929 in Biała Podlaska. A high-wing, reinforced monoplane of mixed construction, with a closed cabin and a single engine. Fuselage made of duralumin (front) and steel (rear) frame, covered with canvas and duralumin in the engine section. Wooden door leaf covered with plywood. The crew consisted of two people (pilot and mechanic). Behind the crew cabin there was room for 6 passengers. W12 Lorraine-Dietrich LD 12Eb engine at the front of the fuselage (take-off power 487 HP, rated power 450 HP, manufactured by the Polish branch of Skoda Works). [wiki]

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