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Hawker Typhoon Mk IB​

Hawker Typhoon – British designed as a fighter, practically used as a fighter-bomber. Designed and built in 1940 at the Hawker Aircraft factory. The plane was produced in two versions: first, the Hawker Typhoon F Mk IA – armed with 12 Colt-Browning 7.69 mm machine guns placed 6 on each wing, 105 of them were built. Then the Hawker Typhoon F Mk IB version was produced – armed with four 20 mm Hispano-Suiza cannons. The 4-gun armament was tested on the second prototype. Since these cannons were originally intended to be mounted behind the engine, so that the relatively long barrel extended through the engine propeller hub, in Typhoons the cannon barrels characteristically protruded quite far in front of the leading edge of the wing.

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