I invite to cooperation: 3D modeling, textures, animation




PZL 37 BII model 3D render

PZL.37 Łoś – a medium, twin-engine bomber of Polish design and production, built as a low-wing all-metal low-wing bomber with a retractable landing gear. Production of the first B series units began in the fall of 1938. They were modeled on the P.37/II prototype with corrections resulting from operational experience. The main difference between versions A and B were more powerful engines and better design. The new aircraft use Bristol Pegasus XX engines (918 HP) or the same engines built under license in Poland as PZL Pegasus XX. By September 1, 1939, the factories: PZL-WP No. 1 in Warsaw and PZL-WP No. 2 in Mielec (operating from August 1, 1939) managed to produce a total of about 120 PZL.37 A and B bombers. [wiki]

Animacja 4k

Animation 1080p

Final renders

UV Unwrapping

A few weeks have passed...

Work begins

Before starting work, it is worth obtaining appropriate source materials. In the case of Łoś, the best source will be “Monograph PZL.37 Łoś” from AJ Press – 470 pages (including nearly 100 pages of plans and construction details), weight approx. 3 kg. I’m starting modeling 🙂

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